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Ice cream (Updated 10/31/2011)

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Programs used:
after effects
ice, cream


In the second part we see chocolate breaking in pieces. Pieces also scatter from ice cream and reveal ice cream stuffed with chocolate.

You will see that beauty can not bu automated. Significant amount of the geometry preparation for the animation is done manually. And the project shows for example how to divide quickly and effectively the surface into the pieces of desired shape using common tools. Also an effective technique of selecting a large amount of needed components is shown

Other important topics in this project that should be considered are

baking rigid bodies dynamic simulation used for the animation of the glaze pieces;
particle instancing for the nut pieces animation;
using simple expressions to make particles dynamics more dramatic;
using mental ray subsurface scattering materials to simulate the natural look of food products;
creating sufficient amount of render layers to have overall control of the final image on the compositing stage.

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