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Bottle (Updated 10/31/2011)

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Programs used:
after effects
bottle, vodka


The geometry of the glass objects in this project is quite complicated. Therefore, particular attention is paid to the modeling of the surfaces with correct topology.

Besides in this case we are dealing with a filled bottle. So correct normal orientation and correct indexes of refraction are essential for all the surfaces in this project. We use mental ray as renderer. So mental ray materials necessary for creating such materials as glass and colored glass are explored in this project.

The important topic of this project is creating a custom HDR environment necessary for the glass surfaces to look beautiful. And, since we have several shots in this project we need to rearrange this HDR environment for each shot.

On the compositing stage we need to correct and adjust colors of the each component of the product separately using components masks rendered along with beauty passes. Also to improve image quality drastically we use such effects as glow, glass refraction chromatic aberration, depth of field.

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