• NURBO on May 29, 2010
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Don't like blogs at all, but well.. this is where we can share some of our thoughts and stuff, right? So... this post is about upcoming female model i`m currently working on, check it out: 1275133700-clip-56kb Modeled from scratch except the arms which was taken from one of my previous girls, but still need to be tweaked a bit for this one. Think of borrowing the head from another model as well, but not sure it'll fit to this body because of the kinda different style it has. So, this one meant to be for marketplace & it'll has rig build in and i hope with facial controls as well. Will be selling in two versions: mesh only and complete rigged model ready for all kind of nasty posing you little perverts has in your minds ;)

Also, did some tweaks of DummyMan so it'll be updated soon with stretchy arms/legs and refined geometry. Here's a sneak peak: 1274823287-clip-109kb Will keep the price as $21 a bit more, but if it'll not be selling at least 1 copy per 3 weeks then have to lower to $15 or even $9.

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