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    Animation Design BA 2011 (1st Hons) De Montfort University 'Stone Giant' my sole work, final major project. Created using Maya, Mari, PF Track, Image Based Lighting (IBL), and Photoshop. The idea was to make it like a discovery shot in a feature film. My focus was on integration and this involved tracking, Maya Fur (moss on the fingers to match the moss on the ground), roto, render layers in Mental Ray, compositing, color correction & grading, utilizing both normal maps and displacement. 'Voxel: Beatbox Companion' was a final year professional brief provided via Double Negative Visual Effects, London. The idea was to create a futuristic toy that is perhaps near future. Something believable. My focus was integration and realistic parts based on research. Final Cut was used to transcode the footage. After Effects was only used for the breakdowns. Premiere Pro was used to add text to the breakdowns. Combustion was used for compositing and grading. My mentor on these projects was 3D Generalist Gareth Harbuz.

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    Please test this in most recent versions of Maya
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