Advanced Eye Rig w/Nodes - Getting Eyelids to follow the Eyes

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Apr 07, 2010

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Finally select the REyeGRPJoyStick, the REyeGRPAim and the REyeBC. Connect the rotate X and rotate Y of the REyeGRPAim to the color1R and color1G of the REyeBC. Then connect the rotate X and rotate Y of the REyeGRPJoyStick to the color2R and color2G of the REyeBC. Repeat this with the LEyeGRPJoyStick, LEyeGRPAim, and LEyeBC. And that’s it! Your eyelids will now follow the movement of the eyes!


9. The L/R  EyeDialateCTRL is optional but provides more control for animators. This is a very simple setup provided that you have the right type of eye (either poly or NURBS). Select the REyeDialateCTRL and in the hypershader add a multiplydivide node, rename it to RDialateMD, and connect the translate Y of the REyeDialateCTRL to the input1X of the RDialateMD. Set the operation of the RDialateMD to Divide and set the value of the input2X to 14. Next create an addDoubleLinear node, rename it to RDialateADL, and connect the output X of the RDialateMD to the input1 of the RDialateADL. Then connect the output of the RDialateADL to the translate Z of the Pupil geometry. Repeat the previous steps for the LEyeDialateCTRL and your done!


Please give me feedback! If you liked the tutorial, if you didn’t like it (please tell me why), or if you have a question. I’d really appreciate it!


Mar 18, 2010
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so cute

Apr 06, 2010
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where convert to control curve?

Jul 07, 2010
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so cool

Sep 09, 2010
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cul, gud job bro!

Aug 30, 2013
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THis isn't bad, but there is no solution for a skinned rig

Apr 28, 2014
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This tutorial is really great! But just a heads up I think there is a mistake on page 4 in the first step that threw me for a loop! You don't want the REyeBC you want the REyelidBC! If you don't use the Lid then your eye gets really wonky and the lids won't follow the controls. Thanks again!

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