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Sep 09, 2005



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Well- this is the first time I've seen this type of film attempted in that, unlike Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, this is set in a very realistic historic context. It's somehow a cross-story between Anne Frank and Emily Dickinson (two very cheery subjects, no?). Anyway---from what I gather form the synopsis the overall treatment reminds me a little of the interconnected stories in The Hours. Aside form getting to cast a near replica of Anne Frank (because she's all CG) I don't entirely get why a film maker would want to do a project in this manner. Realistic humans have been almost universally doomed to failure in CG films (although Polar Express seemed to do pretty well this past Christmas). The animation on the trailer looks pretty impressive though and very subtle. Naturally the sets and lighting look great, which Sky Captain amply proved to be viable approach.


Anyway---- check it out:


Sep 10, 2005
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It certainly looks good to me. Isn't Martin Kroll a High End 3D member? I can't remember his handle and it is driving me crazy!

Nov 07, 2005
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this looks amazing, can't wait to see it, kinda puts "the spirits within" to shame realistic-wise.

Jul 27, 2006
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I don't remember it was Render Man Companion or To Riinfinity and Beyond, but. When i see that lightings ... shaders, atmosphere, everything is perfect.

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