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wild338, going California (Updated 08/24/2009)

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Time to complete:
Programs used:
maya, photoshop, zbrush


A job found me few months ago. Yeah, it works that way. And although
I’m kind of a bear, I decided to leave my cocoon for a while and accept
the adventure.
The location was tempting I shall confess, so here I am crossing the ocean and moving to Venice, California, in a few days now.
To celebrate this I’ve decided to create a picture. Basically, this is
me, 10 years older and 140 years ago, as a european dude moving for the
goldrush. Hey it’s not about the money (especially as far as the Euro
goes…) !!
Thanks to my fella Fox who inspired me in creating a new CG
illustration (understand more 3D, less 2D). This is kind of an exercise
for me, pushing my limits a bit further, experimenting, etc… in order
to feel more comfortable at work, and also to be faster for my regular
illustration works.
Still, there is a lot of post process in Photoshop to put more groove
in the final image, mostly for the colours, levels and stuff.
Background is a matte painting.
Character started from my CG double from the Tattoo project. Zbrush for
detailling and aging. Same process for the clothes. 600meg of textures.
Mental ray, 3 points lighting with a slight HDRI addon. That’s it.
kinda classic you may say.
Hope you’ll enjoy.
This is kind of a breakdown compared to the regular hero stereotype
thingy, but eh! At least it’s real. Well, as real as one can be, pushed
into CG.

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Apr 17, 2008
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great work man!

Apr 18, 2008
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excellent work, good luck in Cali.

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