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alfa_romeo_brera.jpg (Updated 05/09/2012)

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Update: Alfa Romeo Brera Body,

View from 45 degree 25 feet,
MentalRay render,
no color corrected,
test from flat file,
no HDR,
no environment reflection,
one sky light,
Test one sunlight shadow across,
comparisons of error,
surface normal errors,
MiaCarPaint compared to real vehicle,
before specular fleck and sheen, adjustment
Real sky dome,
perspective view light falloff on floor material,
as car paint texture,
car paint applied to floor surface,
to test reflectance on 90 degree angle from default,
miaCarPaint material no light volume added,
Pre surface solids,
comparison to natural specular light reflectance falloff,
no additional phenomenon,
Pre surface solids,

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May 09, 2012
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Front End Update

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May 09, 2012
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Shader to Paint Chip

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