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The iSword (Updated 02/06/2012)

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sword, japanese, katana, MP3, headphones, electronic


The concept for this project was originally to be an asset for a female samurai character. The 3D model consists of a traditional Japanese katana sword displayed on a stand. Not only is the sword’s purpose is to be a weapon for the character, it also serves as a docking station for an mp3 player with an open source for the headphones to connect to.
This project was created in 3D Studio Max 2011 and rendered in Mental Ray.The workflow consisted with drawing up sketches from different perspectives of the sword to gain a solid vision of the look and geometry. In Max the built the objects from primitive shapes and made alterations using extrusion, edit of vertices and few modifiers to achieve the the simple topology.
The purpose of the project was to show the fusion of modern western culture in electronic media with my fascination and strong influence in traditional Japanese culture. This project also gave me the opportunity to take my artistic liberties and creative ideas towards the weapon design.

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