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Morning Sun02 (Updated 11/08/2009)

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Time to complete:
Programs used:
digital fusion, maya


i started this project about 9 months ago because i wanted to add something interesting to my demo

reel, i always loved interior lighting but never had the chance to make any, after i quite

my last job i thought its the time to start and improve my reel

i spent most of the time in mental ray part while creating this project.
there was a lot to troubleshoot and learn, i changed the floor, walls and rugs textures and

materials so many times till i settle up, i used final gather only with sun and sky,

background and color correction are done in Fusion,

-the pair of abstract paintings on the left wall is called: Dance dynamics by the artist:

Magda Wieclawska

link: http://www.freespiritgallery.nl/

-the painting on the narrow wall is called: Mirocosmos by The Humbug
link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thehumbug/

the painting on the front wall is called: The_Musician by the artist: Brian Hinkle link:


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Nov 08, 2009
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hi your is really good i like ur lighting.

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