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Pipeline Fundamentals book avaliable for preorder on Amazon - 01/04/14

Every production is built on the backbone of the pipeline. While a functional and flexible pipeline can’t assure a successful project, a weak pipeline can guarantee its demise. A solid pipeline produces a superior product in less time and with happier artists who can remain creative throughout the grueling production schedule. Walk through the foundational layers of the production pipeline, including IT infrastructure, software development practices and deployment policies, asset management, shot management, and rendering management. Production Pipeline Fundamentals for Film and Games will teach you how to direct limited resources to the right technological initiatives, g... Read Full Story


New Nuke/AE Book Released - 12/16/09

"Professional Digital Compositing" covers compositing theory, plus critical tools, effects, filters, and nodes in Adobe After Effects and The Foundry Nuke. As a bonus, the book includes interviews with compositing experts from such studios as ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Digital Domain, and a dozen more. "Professional Digital Compositing" topics include: pulling clean mattes from bluescreen and greenscreen; mathematical inner workings of filter effects and nodes; color theory, color calibration, and color grading; rotoscoping, motion tracking, and matchmoving live-action footage; combining CG render passes such as depth, motion vector, UV, and ambient occlusion; 2.5D scenes with 3... Read Full Story


Richard Williams releases the Expanded Edition of "Animators Survival Kit" - 10/19/09

Richard Williams is releasing "The Expanded Edition" of his animation bible "The Animators Survival Kit" (ISBN-13: 978-0571238347) on November 5th.I was lucky enough to get my review copy of the book and have read it from scratch and written a review for you. The book is primarily the same as the original except for two new sections that cover realism and the animation of animals.Here is what I think about it.When Richard Williams, triple Oscar winning director of animation for films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit published his book “The Animators Survival Kit” It was universally regarded as the Bible for animators.    Now Richard Williams has revised his masterpiece and a... Read Full Story


3ds Max 2009 Architectural Visualization Intermediate to Advanced, book, now shipping - 08/22/08

3DATS announces the shipping of its second 3ds Max book dedicated to the architectural visualization industry: 3ds Max 2009 Architectural Visualization Intermediate to Advanced. Many years in the making, this 544 page, full-color, hard-cover bound title is the combined effort of 9 different authors from around the world who have combined their experiences and skills in the creation of a book that is truly a first of its kind; an advanced 3D visualization book filled with techniques that have been time tested in major production firms for maximum speed and efficiency.   This book is the follow-up companion to the book entitled 3ds Max 2008 Architectural Visua... Read Full Story


NEW Autodesk Maya 2009 Book Titles! - 11/06/08

Sybex releases new Maya titles.  Check our bookstore for more Sybex Maya 2009 books and see the other links below:Learning Autodesk Maya 2009: Foundation, with DVD (Sybex; ISBN: 9781897177518; $69.99; November 2008) is a full-color Autodesk Maya Press title for traditional artists, students, 2D artists, educators, and hobbyists. The book and DVD are produced by Autodesk, the softwares creator that uses real movie footage from the Fathom Studios feature film Delgo as the basis for the all-new hands-on tutorials. By following the step-by-step lessons, readers will learn the Maya interface and the basics of modeling, texturing, animating, and visual effects using real-world prod... Read Full Story


3ds Max 2008 Architectural Visualization - Now Shipping - 01/14/08

3DATS is pleased to announce the shipping of the only 3ds Max 2008 book dedicated to architectural visualization: 3ds Max 2008 Architectural Visualization - Beginner to Intermediate. This 480 page, full-color, hard-cover bound book takes you through the challenge of learning one of the most complex computer programs ever created, by way of easy-to-follow tutorials and time tested production techniques. It specifically focuses on those parts of the program you need to know to be productive in the industry today. The intent is not to show you every possible way to accomplish a task, but rather some of the fastest and most efficient ways. 3ds Max is a large and complex a... Read Full Story


Request for Authors of Upcoming Architectural Visualization Book - 11/11/08

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10th, 2008Request for Authors of Upcoming Architectural Visualization Book Would you like to have your work published? 3DATS is placing a call for authors for an upcoming book entitled 3ds Max Architectural Visualization Advanced to Expert. This book will be a collection of self-contained chapters, written by dozens of industry experts, and which can be read independently of each other. The goal of this book is to take readers from an advanced level to an expert level by providing a straight-forward discussion of difficult subject matter not available anywhere else. It serves as a follow-on companion to t... Read Full Story


Maya 7 - Die Referenz // All commands in one book, German - 12/19/05

English... Addison Wesley Germany published my 3rd book on Maya: Maya 7 - Die Referenz. I'm currently updating it to Maya 8.It's from the books I previously wrote and from all books on the market because it does one single job: It translates and describes all (!) Maya menu commands plus most window specific commands, about 1,000 in total, into German. Lots of examples and about 450 illustrations make this book specially useful to people with no in-depth knowledge of technical english. You find details on my website: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Read Full Story


MAYA 8 Character Modeling book from the creator of GO Tools - 12/06/06

Wordware Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Maya 8 Character Modeling by Gary Oliverio the creator of GO Tools.Maya 8 Character ModelingAvailable at all major book retailers.Maya 8 Character Modeling takes a unique approach to modeling as it breaks down character creation using an easy-to-follow formula that makes the learning process less daunting. The author presents an overview of modeling basics and then shows how to block out the body, shape body parts, add details, and create joints and controls using Maya 8. By the time you Read Full Story


SP Effects announces Creature Concepts - 01/04/08

SP Effects announces Creature Concepts:A Look into Pre-Production Design. Available exclusively at Creature Concepts:A Look into Pre-Production Design Creature Concepts instructs you from the ground up on how to design, draw, sculpt, mold, and paint every aspect of your characters evolution. More than just a full color book, it is a bible for anyone developing characters, whether you are in film, games, or toy design. Each chapter is filled with industry proven tips, techniques, step by step tutorials and material lists. Key Features: Follow the entire pre-production process of character design, from forming an idea, to... Read Full Story


For German Users: Maya - Die Referenz, kostenloses Update - 11/17/06

this is just a brief update on my german Maya book which i updated from version 7 to 8. in german:hallo freunde,zu meinem buch Maya 7 - Die Referenz  gibt es ab sofort ein kostenloses update. dieses update ist eine pdf-datei von knapp 30 seiten, die alle befehle enth Read Full Story


ZBrush Character Creation books now available - 06/09/08

ZBrush Character Creation Two new Sybex titles dispel myths of ZBrushs difficulty and helps 3D artists fulfill their potential ZBrush is an emerging 3D design tool that eases some of the technological burdens of artists and helps them focus more easily on creating art, but its still an application that needs some explanation. Some artists are intimidated by what they see when they look at the ZBrush interface. Introducing ZBrush (Sybex; May 2008; $39.99) removes that fear and launches the reader head-on into fulfilling their artistic potential for sculpting realistic human, cartoon, and organic models in ZBrush. ZBrushs innovative technology and interface ca... Read Full Story