Whirlwind Tour in 3D Archaeology





Sep 01, 2011



education, archaeology, cgi, 3d visualization

Hi All, 
There will be an interesting talk on 3D visualization, archaeology and the issues and benefits of its use in a research environment. It is being given by Dr. Athony Masinton. Here is some information about the topic:

"Everyone is familiar with 3D visualizations in Archeology. From Gladiator to Time Team, these CGI models are ubiquitous. However, in the discipline of Archeology itself, 3D visualisation has gone through a period of dwindling enthusiasm. It is seen as an expensive way to bring archaeological interpretation to the masses. But a few bright spots have emerged from the end of Archeology’s honeymoon with 3D. Here is my whirlwind tour of what's cool at present in the world of archeology and 3D. "

It is being held on SEPTEMBER 8th, 2011 @ 12:15 PM (EST)

Title: Whirlwind Tour in 3D Archaeology

The link for to take part in the event is as follows: http://persephone.avayalive.com/ 

Hope to see lots of people there. Cheers!  


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