Wild(child) Editor Yvette Pineyro Cuts Givenchy’s ‘Play,’ A Romantic Escapade





May 31, 2011



Yvette Pineyro, Wild(child), givenchy, Justin Timberlake, Pierre Morel

Wild(child) Editor Yvette Pineyro Cuts Givenchy’s  ‘Play,’ A Romantic Escapad

Featuring Justin Timberlake, Filmed In The City Of Light


Pineyro Cuts Movie Director Pierre Morel’s Film Noir Footage Of Paris, Giving Form + Continuity To The Global HD Spot, Which Earned Her A Nod From The AICE In The Fashion + Beauty Category



New York: Wild(child) Editorial principal Yvette Pineyro recently cut ‘Play,’ a  film noir-stye spot featuring Justin Timberlake in a romantic mélange of intrigue and stunning imagery heralding the launch of Givenchy’s new fragrance. The award-winning editor, who recently received a nod from the AICE in the fashion/beauty category for the :30 global spot, collaborated with famed feature film director Pierre Morel, who shot the footage in Paris for Anton & Partners/NY.

‘Play’ opens with Timberlake and a beautiful female companion running towards the Eiffel Tower on a moonlit night. The story unfolds in classic film noir style as they climb the winding staircase to its summit.  As if the spectacular view of the most romantic city in the world wasn’t enough to take a woman’s breath away, Timberlake hits the ‘play’ button on his PDA, instantly transforming the skyline into a pulsating sea of lights flickering to the rhythm of the music. As the couple marvels at the stunning spectacle iconic images of Paris punctuate the melody. The HD spot ends as the voiceover simply states, "Givenchy Play: Now also for her.

Using the Avid, Pineyro enhanced the filmic look of Morel’s 35mm footage, creating a tapestry of images and establishing a pace and rhythm that gives form and continuity to the storybook scenario. Pineyro, who also cut Morel’s equally captivating cinematic spot starring Usher for his fragrance ‘VIP,’ once again worked closely with the director to achieve a distinctive tone and mood.

“The challenge for me was balancing the spot's two main components,” Pineyro notes. “It was crucial to leave room for the amazing spectacle to unfold, while building the tension between the visual effect and the storyline of the couple.”


The work on “Play” is the latest in a highly successful series of collaborations between Wild(child) Editorial and ad agency Anton & Partners. Executive Producer Marty Friedman, who has worked with Pineyro and Wild(child) Editorial regularly for over 12-years, says it’s all about trust.

“Yvette is more than a good editor, she has an instinctive sense of what a spot needs, especially when it comes to the world of high fashion, beauty and lifestyle,” Friedman says. “Working with her is always a positive experience.”


The recognition by the AICE as one of only a handful of woman finalist is a testament to the adaptability of this veteran editor who continues to evolve and turn out work that is fresh and relevant. The award-winning cutter is also sole owner of Wild(child) Editorial, which she launched in 1995, followed by its sister company, Resident Creative Studios in 2005. Along with being a creative talent, Pineyro has built a reputation as a pioneering businesswoman who continues to help shape the landscape of the industry.

About Wild(child) Editorial + Resident Creative Studio:

Wild(child) Editorial and its sister company Resident Creative Studio have created an open-architecture collaborative environment driven by a passionate collective of accomplished editors, FX artists, animators, directors, creative directors, and producers. Their shared creative vision provides a seamless concept-through-completion approach to commercials, promos, graphic packages, broadcast programming, music videos and filmmaking – all under one roof.

Wild(child) and Resident co-habit the entire floor of a building in the Flatiron district, where an expansive, stunning loft-like space offers over-the-top client services and amenities in a diverse state-of-the art environment. 

Recent work includes spots for Nike, Verizon, Givenchy, Candies, Time Warner, Frontier Airlines, Dr Pepper, Heinekens USA Network, as well feature films, such as Al Pacino’s acclaimed documentary, Wilde Salome, which earned him a Glory Award at the Venice Film Festival, and the feature film City Island, starring Andy Garcia, which won the Tribeca Audience Award. To view Wild(child) Editorial’s work, contact executive producer Elissa Muddell at 212.725.5333 or visit, www.wildchildpost.com


Client: Givenchy

Product, Title, Length: Givenchy Fragrance,  “Play” :30  - HD Global TV Commercial

Agency: Anton & Partners, NY

    Creative Director: David Anton,Senior Art Director:John Painter,

     Executive Producer: Marty Friedman

Production Company: Nola, NY

    Director: Pierre Morel, Executive Producer: Charlie Curran,

    VFX Creative Director:   Arman Matin, Flame Artist Armand Matin

Editorial Company: Wild(child) Editorial, NY

  Editor: Yvette Pineyro

Telecine Company: Nice Shoes, NY

        Colorist: Ron Sudul

Music Company: ill Factor, Miami

      Composer: Ivan Corraliza

Audio Company: Aberle Sound, NY

      Sound Designer: Hanke Aberle


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