Easy Object Pickup, How to have characters easily grab objects and keep them in their hand

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Jan 30, 2006

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I real life, you don't have to worry about fingers passing through objects in order to pick them up. The density of your hand is sufficiently large enough to cause friction when you hand collides with other pieces of solid matter, thereby allowing you to grab hold of something and not letting it slip through the proverbial fingers. But with CGI characters, they could walk through Fort Knox without tripping over all the pesky guards that would usually get in the way of you or me. But unlike you or me, they would have a problem when they tried to grab the gold, for their grubby little mitts wouldn't be able to hold a tea cup without an animator's assistance, let alone a solid gold brick. So, as an animator, how are you going to have your character grab that bar so you can pay off your loan shark? This tutorial offers a solution, which I hope is easy to grasp.


Oct 07, 2009
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I can not see it!

Oct 18, 2009
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is that it ??

Nov 15, 2009
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no tutorial ? where is it?

Nov 16, 2009
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Since Highend3d became CreativeCrash, I have received many emails similar to the comments above. The format change has only moved the link to the tutorial. You may access the tutorial directly here:


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