Rename Tool 2.2.0 (maya script)

3ds Max's rename tool for Maya


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Feb 14, 2010 / Mar 08, 2012


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3ds max rename tool for maya.
Version 2.2 features some small UI enhancements.
Previous version is included for backward compability.

How To Configure:
1. Copy both the script and its .ui file to your Maya's scripts directory, on windows you can find it here:
Windows7 x64 --------> C:\Users\yourUserName\Documents\maya\2012-x64\scripts

2. Open maya and make a new shelf item(button), change the icon for it (of course if you like it ;)) and then in the "command'
tab, First switch to python and then inter the following code:

import RenameTool
reObject = RenameTool.Rename()

3. Open the script file in your script editor and copy the full path to the .ui file provided with the script; for example:

Change all backward slashes(\) to forward slash(/):
Paste it on the line number 34 BETWEEN the '' marks..... (_UI_FILE = '') and click on the save
Button, overwrite the existing file.

4. Click on the shelf button and you're done!

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