One Click to reveal Selected Object in Outliner or Hypershade 0.2.0 (maya script)

this tiny script lets you reveals selected object in the viewport just with one click on the the shelf button.


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Sep 21, 2012 / May 30, 2015


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maya, reveal selected object, outliner

this tiny script lets you reveal object selected in viewport just with 740071361
one click on the the shelf button.

this script is same as doing {opening outliner, click on Display > Reveal selected} except this script does these 3 steps in just one click.

1. copy the script in your script folder.
2. in shelf button you must type the 6 lines below



except NameError:

    import revealInOutliner

Save the shelf button and you are ready top go!!!

If you just hit the button with object selected it will open Outliner if you press CTRL button while some object is selected it will launch Hypershade and Graph Selected object in Hypershade

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