OBJ Animation Exporter 0.1.0 (maya script)

Export OBJ sequence animation from Maya, works well with polygons.


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Jan 20, 2012 / Jan 21, 2012


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OBJ Animation Exporter 0.1 is for exporting all poly objects animation in your Maya scene into "OBJ Sequence of files" in your images folder in your project, this script is very easy to use.


1) Make sure that "objExport.bundle" plugin is turn on in Maya or the script wont work.                       
2) do not change the path of the export then the script will not work.
3) For rigged character just bake the animation to the geo in Maya then use the script to export the geo.
4) Make sure your timeline is set to the range that you want to export.


1) Copy the script to Maya script folder .
2) Open Maya and in the script editor load the script and then select the script and add it as "Mel" button to your shelf.



- Location: this is just to show you where the OBJ sequence will be exported usualy in the images folder of your project.


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