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A complete set of UV mapping and UV editing tools.

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mac, windows


8.x, 2008, 2009, 9.x, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


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Ninja UV
Ninja UV Works in Maya 2009 and above


source: Ninja_UV.mel from wherever you saved the file
main function call is: Ninja_UV()
example:  source "/ScriptLocation/Ninja_UV.mel";Ninja_UV();

I have updated the name to work with Ninja Dojo.
If you have Ninja Dojo,  You can simply copy the script in the NinjaDojo directory.  Ninja Dojo will automaticaly source the script and create a button in the NinjaDojo window.

you can get the free version of Ninja Dojo here:

Or the Full Version of Ninja Dojo here:


UV_Ninja mapper:

1.  Generates UV's based on 90 degree rotations.  So depending on your camera view it will determine which direction to apply the mappping. 
2.  Map to a specific pixel ratio by finding the texture applied to the object/faces and adjusting the uv's to the pixel ratio.  It works on square and non square textures.
3. Scales UV's to a specific pixel ratio
4.  Automatically unfold shells.
5.  Cut UV's bases on edge selection.

Edge Mapper:
1. Maps an object by selecting 2 edges

Unitize Mapper:
1. Maps faces evenly

Other Functions
1.  Move UV's
2.  Scale UV's
3.  Align UV's
4.  Snap UV's
5.  Normalize UV's

6.  Detach UV shells
7.  Straighten UV's
8.  Quickly Scale UV shells to a specific pixel ratio
9.  Fix distorted UV's
10.  align uv shell to horizontal .
11.  Bake AO Maps
12. Bake Light Maps
13. Bake out Uv's
14. Transfer Uv's
15. Calculate Pixel Ratio
16. Cut And Seperate Mesh
17. Detatch Faces
18. Attach Objects

Ninja UV 4.4
1. Added UV sets in the custom UV window.  This will change the display of the selected UV set on your mesh
2. Added Delete UV and Copy UV in the custom uv window.
3. Fixed an issue with Cut Edges/Seams while adding to a list
4. Fixed a UI issue with Cut Edges/Seams
5. Added Xnormal Baking in the Bake Tab
6. Fixed UV scaling when using inches, feet, and yards
7. Fixed a UV scaling issue when scaling multiple uv's

--------------------UV Ninja Videos:--------------------
Ninja UV Demo

Texture Baking Options (AO, LM, Checker, Color, UV)

Texure/UV Atlasing

Mapping a Character

KAM /Ninja Mapping

Edge Mapping (only works on 2010 and below)

Edit UV's