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Comprehensive Set of Modeling Tools and Scatter Tools

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Dec 21, 2010 / Nov 27, 2014


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2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


Ninja Dojo, Ninja mesh, scatter, maya, modeling, poly

Ninja Mesh

Feature List:

Mesh Tools
- Create primitives
- Create Deformers
- History Editor
- Attach / Detach /Extract
- Ninja Bevel
- Mirror
- Align Objects (position/rotation/scale)
- Align Position (min/avg/max)
- Corner Align
- Randomize (scale & rotation)
- Capping
- Hull Generator (boxes, planes, auto)

Spline Tools
- Create Curves
- Create Tubes from Curves
- Auto Wire (vert selection, edge selection)
- Deform Objects to Curves
- Rope Creator

Copy Tools
- Replace by last selected
- Replace by name
- Duplicate Obects to selected verts
- Duplicate Objects using extents spacing
- Duplicate Along a Curve

Scatter Tools
- Scatter Randomly
- Scatter based on vertex color (r,g,b,y,c,m)
- Ability to reposition objects to component
- Ability to re-align to normals of a component
- Randomize rotation, position, scale

1. source the script from where you downloaded it
2. run the main function Ninja_Mesh();

Ninja Mesh 3.1

1. Fixed an issue in Load Tube Settings in the Create Tube section
2. Added Select NGons in the Select menu
3. Added Select Open Edges in the Select menu
4. Added Fix Overlapping Edges in the Tools menu
5. Added Slice Along XY,Slice Along XZ, Slice Along YZ
6. Added Coffer function.



Image created with the scatter tool:



Opinions and Feature requests are encouraged.