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Sep 07, 2009 / Feb 25, 2012


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Ninja Light


I have started the Ninja Dojo Web Page.. It will contain help files along with video tutorials. 

This is a light editing utility which allows you to lock lights and adjust attributes on multiple lights at once.  This supports all Maya defualt light types.

To Run:
source script where you saved it
main function call: Ninja_Light

Ninja Light Features:
Global Adjust Light Intensity
Global Adjust HSV of lights
Global Adjust RGB of lights
Create Lights at selected Vertices
Selecting lights and auto selecting lights
Locking lights (right click light to lock by color and intensity)
Visibility of lights
Adjust Color of lights
Adjust Itensity of lights
Adjust Decay Rate
Adjust Emit Diffuse
Adjust Emit Specular
Adjust Shadow Color
Adjust Raytrace or Shadow Map
Adjust Shadow Map Size

 you can get the free version of Ninja Dojo here:

Or the Full Version of Ninja Dojo here:

1. Added Light Creation  (Right Click the Light icon to create at selected Vertices)
2. Added Global Intensity Adjustment
3. Added Global HSV Adjustment
4. Added Global RGB Adjustment


Removed Foc
us on light selection

NinjaLight_1  NinjaLight_2

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