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Breaks objects into chunks


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 Ninja Fracture
(Ninja Fracture is a fast/effiecient way to break objects into chunks).

  1. source the script where you downloaded it.
  2. main function call is Ninja_Fracture(). 
Example:   source "/Install Directory/Ninja_Fracture.mel";Ninja_Fracture(); 
(The install directory is where the mel file is located)

I have updated the name to work with Ninja Dojo.
If you have Ninja Dojo,  You can simply copy the script in the NinjaDojo directory.  Ninja Dojo will automaticaly source the script and create a button in the NinjaDojo window.

you can get the free version of Ninja Dojo here:

Or the Full Version of Ninja Dojo here:



Feature Overview

1. Break objects into multiple pieces. (been tested with 1000 iteration)
2. Break multiple objects into multiple pieces.
3. Voronoi Algorithm Fracture.
4. Preview options for cutting plane and Voronoi cutting locations.
5. Chip Off chunks either random or at selected components.
6. Spline Cutting. And Multi-Spline Fracture.
7. Custom Chunk Creation.
8. Simple Maya Dynamics setup.
9. Supports boolean or poly cut
10. Path Fracture (Voronoi only)

1. When using Voronoi.. its best to use the PolyCut option instead of the Boolean option
2. Close any UV window before running fracture.
3. Close script window before running fracture.
4. Keep your mesh enclosed (water tight).

Ninja Fracture 5.2

1. The Fracture shader no longer gets created at startup.  It will get created once you turn on "Assign Fracture Shader to Cuts" in the Adavanced Options.

Fracture 4.5 (Detach Chunk and Spline Fractrue with audio)


Fracture 4.0 Demo with audio

Voronoi Fracture 4.0 Demo with audio


Fracture 3.0 Demo

Fracture Column Demo

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