Ninja Dojo (White Belt) 4.6.0 (maya script)

Free Version of Ninja Dojo.

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Mar 19, 2011 / Apr 29, 2012


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2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012


Ninja Dojo, modeling, UI, Rename, uv

Ninja Dojo (White Belt)

1. Unzip the file to your C: Drive
2. Copy this line into your script Editor: 
source "C:/Ninja_Dojo/Ninja_Dojo.mel"; Ninja_Dojo("C:/Ninja_Dojo/");

Ninja Dojo (White Belt)

1. Ninja_Dojo

2. Ninja_Rename

3. Ninja_Asset 

4. Ninja Bonus Tools 


Get the Full Version of Ninja Dojo (Black Belt) here:

Ninja Dojo (Black Belt)  

1. Ninja_Dojo

2. Ninja_UV         Go to Ninja UV Page

3. Ninja_Fracture Go to Ninja Fracture Page

5. Ninja_Light

6. Ninja_Rename

7. Ninja_Mesh

Bonus Scripts:

1. Column Gen

2. NInja Asset

3. Ninja Interactive Help

Adding Scripts:

If you have purchased Ninja_UV, Ninja_Fracture, or Ninja_Scatter you can simply copy that mel script into the NinjaDojo directory and a button will automatically get created in the Ninja Tab.

If you have have downloaded any other mel script.  You can copy that mel script into the NinjaDojo/External directory and a button will get created in the External Tools Tab.


Mesh Tools




Ninja Dojo Overview











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