Material Selection Sets / Unusedshader Bin 1.0.0 (maya script)

Material Selection Sets / Unusedshader Bin

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Sep 22, 2006 / Jan 20, 2008


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6.x, 7.x, 8.x



This tool creates for each Shader in the Scene a SelectionSet which contains every object which has the specific shader assigned.
Besides this two Bins will be created. The first BIN contains every shader which is assign to any object in the scene. The Bin has the same name like the Sets-Extension which has to be typed into the textfield in the UI.
The second BIN is called UNUSEDSHADER and contains all unused-Shader in the scene.
So you can decided if you wanna delete them or not.


You also have the ablility to create only the "Unusedshader BIN" without any SelectionSets.

Just press the "Just create Unusedshader Bin"-Button

Due to the fact that maya doesn't refresh the BIN-Tab automaticly after creating a bin

with a script you have to change to the CREATE-Tab and than back to the BIN-Tab to see the new BINs

How to use:

Source this script.
Choose under Material Selection "All" or "Selected"
If you choose 'All' every shader will be selected automaticly
If you choose 'Selected' you have to select the desired shaders
Fill in the desired extension in the textfield i.e. Character
Hit Apply

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