lsVolumeMaintainer for modeling 0.0.1 (maya script)

Maintains volume of mesh while moving/rotating/scaling/smoothing vertex components.

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Apr 20, 2012 / Sep 22, 2012


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2011, 2012


volume, shape, maintain, preserve, vertex, slide, mesh

This script maintains the volume/shape of a mesh while you move/translate/scale/smooth its vertex components. It uses the "transfer attributes" command (a solution I found here - I've found this technique useful when I want to smooth a mesh (i.e. with the sculpt geometry tool) without flattening the mesh. It's also useful for sliding vertices on the mesh surface. I wrote this simple script to make this technique more efficient to use.


1. Copy "volumeMaintainer.mel" into your "maya/scripts" directory
2. Restart Maya
3. Create a hotkey or shelf button with this command:

source "volumeMaintainer.mel";

(Alternatively, you could also run that command directly from the command line / script editor.)

To Use:

1. Select a mesh
2. Run the above command (using hotkey or shelf button or directly from command line, etc.)
3. Move/Rotate/Scale/Smooth vertices to your heart's desire
4. When you're done, run the command again to switch it off

Please let me know if you've found the script helpful. Comments, suggestions and critique are welcome. Thanks!

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