ld_animateMe (Animation Tool) 1.2.1 (maya script)

A useful collection of tools to speed up the animation workflow


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Jan 05, 2012 / Jan 19, 2012


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maya, animation tool, selection sets, edit keyframes, space keys, scale keys

Should work on most later versions of maya.

More detailed info found here.

ld_animate tools has been used in the industry since last year, finally decided to share it. Has a range of various animation tools,mainly based on the editing of keyframes (timing and spacing), with updated ld_selectMe selection set creator added.

Designed to be compact, with useful information displayed for your scene.

Hopefully it'll be as useful to you guys as it has been to us.

User Info - Displays current project, username, scene name, time unit (PAL/ntsc/etc),     autoSave Status.

Adjust Animation - Shift animation will shift selected keys (from either the timeline or graphEditor) by desired frame range, Offset animation will offset selected keys by desired frames based on selection order (useful for overlap), Reverse animtion will reverse the selected keys animation.

Scale Keys - Individual pivots uses the average position of each selected keyframe's value (from graphEditor) and scaled the key from there, Pivot On 0 scales selected keys from 0.

Selection Sets - Use "+" and "-" to modify selection to list, then give it a name and create selection set. Will then add the selection set to your current shelf. This is different from Mayas own selection sets as these are script based so can be used in any scene with the abilty to toggle your selection by holding the ctrl whick clicking the selection set shelf button. (see ld_selectMe  - https://www.creativecrash.com/maya/downloads/scripts-plugins/animation/c/ld_selectme-selection-sets)

Place script into your maya script directory and call in maya with "ld_animateMe;"

Any issues/requests let me know.

Update 2.0 is currently under development with more tools, more customisation and better interactivity with your scenes. 

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