ktEmbedRotateInfluenceJoints.mel 1.0.4 (maya script)

rotate joints without exit paint skin weights tool .avoids keyframe method for skinning.


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Jun 25, 2009 / Aug 20, 2012


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video description here http://youtu.be/8kwoFUjkmU4

what is new in 1.0.4
Fix :"go to bind pose" now also refreshes rotation values for sliders of selected influence joint.

what is new in 1.0.3
Fix :after executed this script;the joint selection from list on Paint Skin Weights Tool was no longer functioning.fixed.

UPDATED for MaYa 2012-2013.
-Rotation values automatic sets by selected influence joint rotation values.
-Auto focus to selected influence joint when a rotation applied via extra sliders
-prints selected joint name in status bar.
-Disables Evaluate Constraints that not allow to rotate joints by button "disable constraints".


embeds extra controls into Paint Skin Weights Tool.
it makes very very easier to paint smooth binded geometries.

You dont have to key each piles of joints for your character rig to calibrate smooth bind influences.



>> Rotate any direction painting skin weights joint without losing Paint Skin Weights Tool.
>>  Automatic focusing to current painting skin weights joint.
>>  Find Maximum influencer joint of a vertice.
>>  Find All influencers of a vertice.

source ktEmbedRotateInfluenceJoints;
in usersetup.mel

if you dont see extra section

run code below after open Skin Paint Weights Tool:

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