Joint Splitter 1.0.1 (maya script)

Split Jnts down hierarchy w/control parent&sliders


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Aug 31, 2005 / Apr 18, 2007


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mac, windows




5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x


Joint Splitter 1.0.1
Joint Splitter is great way to split joint along a joint chain. Great for Character Rigging!

Adds additional joint between a joint chain. Joint Quanity slider allows between 1-10 joints. Field is limited to 50. The joints can be splitted with and without a slider interface. The interface allows joints to be positioned using sliders. There is a setting for Auto-Parenting the joints or leaving the joints independent.


Select the "Start Joint" and run the button "Select Start Joint", this will automatically load the start and end joint.


When the interface is created using the button, the window will resize accordingly. Once the desired positions have been set "Split Joints" button will finalize the postions.


If the interface is not created the "Split Joints" button will split the joints eveningly down the chain.

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