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Easily create and modify multiple extrusions on multiple polygonal faces. *New feature: copy and paste extrusion sets!

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Oct 11, 2012 / Jul 22, 2014


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extrusion, script, modeling, control panel, extruder, helper, modeler, copy, paste, attributes, Multi, extruding multiple faces

Creates up to ten extrusions on multiple mesh faces and creates a control panel to easily manipulate a set of options.  Useful to quickly generate interesting polygonal shapes with minimal effort.

*UPDATE: Copy/Paste Function newly added.  Copy Extrusions from a source object and paste them onto a another object or selected faces!

This script will work on any Maya installation that runs PyMel

To Get Script Running:

Copy and Paste script contents to Maya Script window (python tab) and hit Ctrl+Enter or


Copy and Paste entire script contents to Maya Script window  (python tab) and choose

File>>Save Script to Shelf 


execute the following in your python bar or script window:  


(where PATH is the path to the directory where the script is located )


1)Choose an initial shape through drop down menu or selecting polygons on stage and choosing "Custom" from dropdown menu

**Note** if your shape node is named "seedShape" it will be deleted if you select another option so if you want to keep your shape,
change its name

2) select faces on your polygon mesh and hit the yellow button, this builds list of faces to be used

3) choose how many extrusions you want performed, up to ten (try to keep it low it can get very complex very fast)

4) The next six entries dictate the attributes that will be added to the "Extrusion Controls" Menu

5) Once you are satisfied with these settings click on "Make Extrusions", this will open the controls panel

5a) Now you have the option to copy and paste extrusions, select the object to get extrusions from and press "Copy Extrusions", then select object or faces to paste them onto and press "Paste Extrusions"

6) change the extrude options for each of the extrusions that you made, save your shape, keyframe, whatever

7) if you want to start over click "Clear"

8) if you want to bring your new shape back into the extrusion process click "Recycle Object"

this script should be pretty straightforward for anyone who has some modeling experience in Maya

**it is possible to create consecutive iterated extrusions on the same mesh but do this at your own risk, use "Recycle Object" for best results

**this script may create unexpected results so it is best to apply this to a mesh with no creation history so when in doubt delete your history.

Please rate and tell me what you think.  I will be adding features if there is interest in this script.

see demo here: 

extrusion, script, modeling, control panel, extruder, helper, modeler, copy, paste, attributes, multi, extruding multiple faces

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