Image sequence loop 1.0 (maya script)

Hi, a very small script that lets you have...

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Jul 05, 2005 / Jul 22, 2005


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a very small script that lets you have a loop in your image sequence. It just checks the framenumber and when it reaches a certain value, it goes back to the first image of your sequence.

Usage :
- add a file into your shader
- tell it to be an image sequence
- edit the expression (in this example it's file48)file48.frameExtension=frame; into :

(In this example I have 304 imagefiles that are a sequence, you have to edit this to the number of images you have. The variables $teller and $teller2 are just names, you can name it whatever you want. )

int $teller=frame;
int $teller2=$teller%304;
if ($teller2<304) {
file48.frameExtension = $teller2;

- that's it.

I know, everyone who has more then 5 seconds knowledge of mel or any other programming language could have come up with this....but for the ones who don't this could be usefull.

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