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'HZrig' is a mel script basic rig pipeline for maya


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Feb 19, 2011 / Jun 28, 2012


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2009, 2010, 2011, 2012


maya, animation, auto, scrip, modual, Rig, Factory, HZrig

'HZrig' is a mel script basic rig pipeline for maya

----modularize rigging
----creative UI
----flexibly data management

use maya's basic nodes (even without setDriven key node) and it is designed with clear hierarchy and name standard.

new features with version 2:

- 1  embedded lots of windows in HZrig main window 
- 2  add 'afterRig' operation ,so it allows you do somthing after you finishing the auto rig.For example ,it can recover the rig file to proxy mod ,then we adjust the pose and re-rig it back ,and this will not affect the skin system. 
- 3  embedded IKFK switch right click marking menu in rig file, once you open the HZrig rigging file ,you will automatice get the marking menu when you choose the controller and click your right mouse button.It's perfect support reference 
- 4  update UI image for maya 2013 ,there is another UI images package for new version after maya2010 ,and also keeps its old style before maya2011 

sample character rigging demo here>> 'kidoo' 

    All previous customers can get prmotion on 'HZrig V2.0' for free
    Awesome animation demo reel using 'kidoo' rigging file is welcomed and can get a free copy of 'HZrig V2'.

-John HZ 

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