gn_createFKControllerOnJoints 0.5.0 (maya script)

Create on every Joint a Circle as FK Controller


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Aug 07, 2008 / Apr 02, 2009


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irix, linux, mac, windows




5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 2008


Changed to Python.

Smarter Faster Code... bla....

For MEL Users:
Just copy the MEL Part, that you can find at the end of the python code, to your script Editor.

Tiny Script that generates on every selected Joint a Circle that works as FK Controller.

Super Simple and maybe handy for somebody....

Usage: Select a Joint and run the Script

Notice: This Works on any Object. Not Only on Joints

Hierachy and Constraint Mode
The Constraint Mode supports OffsetGroups for Zero Values on the Controller

  • If you have more than one Controller on the same Hierarchy as Constraint, don't forget to parent them^^
  • If you have already IK on the Chain turn off IK Blend, run the script and turn it on again

To save the script to the shelf, just copy everything to the script editor, mark it and drag it to the shelf bar.

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