FXFX Maya Real Studio 2 2.0.1 (maya script)

Fxfx Maya Real Studio 2 is a useful Mel Script to create realistic scenes in just few clicks. You can render your model as realistic render in seconds.

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Mar 13, 2010 / Jan 17, 2011


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Fxfx Maya Real Studio 2

After FXFX Maya Real Studio ver. 1.0, I got lots of feedback from all around the CG world and that positive feedback forced me to improve it much much more! And here is v2!

It is so easy to use again, just press buttons in order and your realistic render is ready!


1-Open Maya Script Editor. Load fxfx_maya_real_studio_2.mel Select script area and press Ctrl+Enter

1-Just follow the steps, (press buttons in order like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) and press render.

2-Replace test object with your object!

Your render is ready!

Don’t forget to add “Fxfx Maya Real Studio” to your shelf,

To add it to shelf,

Firstly select Custom shelf tab,

From the main menu; [Window] > [General Editors] > [Script Editor]

In the script editor window menu, [File] > [Load Script...]

Load “Fxfx_Maya_Real_Studio_2.mel” and in the editor MEL panel, Ctrl+A to select all script,

hold your middle mouse button on and drag it to your Custom Shelf panel.

(Tested and worked on Maya 2011 64 Bit Version)

Please check www.fxfx.org for updates.

(This script will improve much much more!)

That’s all folks!

Keep in Fxfx,

Caner ATAS

Greetings to;

Ahmet Akyurek
Recep Mengi


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