Final Gather map builder 2.0.0 (maya script)

This tool can be used for storing and reusing the final gather map for your scene.


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May 30, 2011 / Jul 04, 2012


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Final Gather map, Mental Ray, fg, rendering, back burner, backburner

This tool can be used for storing and reusing the final gather map for your scene. It can be done on local machine or through the network.

for more information please visit:
Store and reuse Final Gather results

How to install:

After downloading the file, you have two options to run the script:
1- Copy ‘fgmapbuilder’ to My Documents > Maya > Script, then run Maya and type ‘fgmapbuilder’ in Mel command line.


2- Open the ‘fgmapbuilder.mel’ on the notepad and copy/paste the contents to script editor and execute.

More helps:

How to use:

Rendering on local machine:
1 - Specify what frames you need to make Final gather map for your animation


2 - Press 'Path/name FG_map' button and Specify the path and name for Final gather map. Note that FG map rebuilt option will be automatically set.


3 - Press 'Generate FGmap' to begin process and  the progress bar will show you the entire progress.


5 - At the end of the process the word 'Complete...' will be appeared in the text field.


*The script will change some settings during the process. If you interrupt the procedure, please press 'Reset' button to set them back to normal.

Note that In order to save time, render mode will be set to 'Final Gathering only' and  render view will be black. After the process completed, it will set back to normal rendering.

Rendering Through network:

1- specify the frame number(s) and path as above and set the manager name.


2- Click on submit to Backburner button and save your file. 


Please open render setting window and click on indirect lighting tab before running the script.

I appreciate any comments and bugs reports.

Thank you

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