f_prj 1.2.0 (maya script)

easily create shelf's project button to switch from a project to another


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Nov 06, 2011 / Feb 22, 2012


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2011, 2012


project, button, Create, shelf, set

f_prj is a simple script that allow an easy projects management in a "many projects environment"
It can be a remedy for the time consuming folder browsing with Maya classic "set project" option.
This script automatically create a "project shelf" and place "project buttons" with it's text name and a random colour.

How to use:

1) extract the 3 files (1 script and 2 icons).
2) place the script in the maya script folder (C:\Users\...\Documents\maya2011-x64\scripts)
3) place the two icons in maya icons folder (C:\Users\...\Documents\maya2011-x64\prefs\icons)
4) run maya and call the mel funcion "f_prj"
5) automatically a "project shelf" will be created and the f_prj script button appear on the left of it
6) click the f_prj button, write your project name (short name should be better) and browse for the project location
7) when you click on "save" a project button appear on the project shelf, if you don't like the random colour, open the shelf editor to change it


1.0 - first release

1.1 - fixed a bug cause the script to assign the same button colours list everytime maya is opened
- changed the annotation label structure in the project button
- fixed icons size

1.2 - automatically set project after shelf button creation

Tested on maya 2011 2012 for windows, don't know about mac and linux.
Let me know about bugs or ideas for any kind of improvement! :-)

Filippo Maccari

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