Density Map Importer 1.0.0 (maya script)

use density maps to dynamically place geometry onto any nurbs surface.

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Jun 11, 2011 / Jun 11, 2011


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density map, Import, channels, environment, procedural, GUI

The script allows users to place geometry on a NURBS surface based on a density map. The user can combine multiple density maps together based on the color channels. For example: wherever there is red, place trees, wherever there is blue, place bushes etc. The GUI also allows users to control density and randomness. If you have multiple files in the folder you select, the script will randomly pick one every time. So if you have four different tree models they will all be randomly distributed according to your density map.

To use the script:
1) import your density map (button at the top)
2) check whichever channels you want to use (RED,GREEN,BLUE,ALPHA)
3) browse for the folder of geometry you want to place on each channel
4) select the filetype you want to import (MA, MB, OBJ)
5) select the surface you wish to populate with geometry
6) Press the button on the bottom

I've only had a chance to test this version on a mac, but it should work on windows and linux; if it doesn't please let me know! Any feedback and/or suggestions are welcome.

I hope that people can make some cool stuff with this!

for Maya 2011+ 

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