Context Sensitive Menus Extension 1.7.0 (maya script)

It adds SURFACES/CURVES/SBDS to the context menu

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Dec 21, 2005 / Feb 14, 2006


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Context Sensitive Menus Extension v1.7


This script adds surfaces/curves/subdivisions Marking Menus to the context sensitive menu, cuz it seems Alias forgot to do it... they only did it for polygonal components :)

So, it adds menus for Curves ( loft / extrude / rebuild / and ALL the curve related commands), Curves CV / Point / EP ( detach / Fillet / Insert Knot / and ALL related commands), Surfaces (Rebuild / Trim / Align / and ALL related commands), Surfaces Isoparm / Points / Trim Edge / Patches (Duplicate Isoparm / Fillets / Offsets / and ALL related commands), Subdivision Surfaces (Mirror / Attach / Clean / etc), Subdivision Surfaces Edge / Face / UV / Vertex (Crease / Convert Options / Refine /etc) among the Polygonal commands that Maya 7 has builtin. To show the menu, select any type of component / surface and then hold SHIFT and press RMB in the viewport.

Check it out, it saves A LOT of the time spent on modeling ;)

Also, the script is well fragmented so it's easy to modify it, to add your own menus.

If you have an older version of this script pack, remove it from your scripts dir and then install this version.

Version History

v 1.0 -- 10 august 2005 -- the first release
v 1.1 -- 11 august 2005 -- bug fixed (if the objects didn't have any shape)
v 1.2 -- 12 august 2005 -- menus changed for nurbs curves/nurbs isoparms
v 1.3 -- 11 novemb 2005 -- bug fixed (if different objects had the same shape)
v 1.5 -- 21 decemb 2005 -- restructurated some menus and fixed the last bug (hopefully :))
v 1.7 -- 14 february 2006 -- hopefuly the final version. Added menus for Trim Edges and
global NURBS display options and made the script use the lastest
selected comp/object instead of the first one.

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