Batch render view 2.0.1 (maya script)

batch render sequence using maya viewport and it can distribute render over network


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Apr 09, 2012 / Aug 09, 2012


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batch render, view port, viewport, Batch render view, network render

Batch render view v2.0.1

what's new:
*rendering multible cameras / layers
*customize frame range for each camera / layer
*support render distrubition over network
*detecting the crashed frame and auto re-render it again
*sending e-mails with render progress every certian time you define (in minutes)

Video Tutorial (Arabic version) ... later i will try to do english version


how to use:
you can either create a new render job OR connect to a running render job

A) Create new render job:
*select for the first tab new render job
*select the cameras and layers which you need to batch render them
*choose render method 
  # (recursive method: its for non dynamics scenes OR you already cached the simulation)
  # (oneway render: for dynamics scenes which has no cach and you need it to simulate every frame then render it)

*choose a suffix name which will added after image name which has been added in render globals
*in case you choosed "oneway render" you will have another option (skip) which in case you need maya to 
  simulate some frames in the beginning then start render from certain frame.
  example .. you need to skip from -50 to 0 and begin render from 0 to 100 .. so you will write in skip frame -50 in 
  start render from 0 and in "end render at" 100

*choose start / end frame

B)Connect to a render job:
*click browes and select the databas file

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