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This rigging system allows you to generate rig for ANY human-like character.

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Mar 24, 2010 / Jul 23, 2014


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A rigging system for Maya

Let me to introduce a rigging system written in MEL.
This system allows you to make a rig for ANY human-characters. There is a possibility to make rigs without arms, legs, fingers, feet and eyes.

The system consists of 3 files:
Script that generates a rig
Selector script

Some of features:
IK/FK/FIX for arms and legs
Easy and powerful foot setup
IK/FK for fingers
Stretch/Squash with ability to save volume
StretchRig. This is an additional system to control shape of neck,head,shoulders,arms,legs,fingers
Head and neck stretches
Dynamic parent
Forced scaling for each joint (for example, arm, forearm)
Seamless IK/FK and FK/IK switching with ability to save scales
Seamless dynamic parent switching
Fully customizable selector
No plugins required!
No expressions are used!
Now presets for interface are available!

The main feature of the system is an idea. It is a great foundation for your futher development. You can change whatever you want. Good luck and happy rigging!