Animan 1.4 (maya script)

aniMan is a procedural skeleton and rig...

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Jul 14, 2003 / Feb 11, 2004


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aniMan is a procedural skeleton and rig builder with an animation window.

Some of the features are:
-> animation tools (snap control to joint, set foot on ground, offset keys, attribute slider window ...)
-> add selection option
-> 2 bone FK back setup
-> local/world snapping and blending on all the arm and leg joints
-> IK to FK snapping and blending
-> hand editor
-> face editor
-> skeleton pose editor
-> hand pose editor
-> character pose editor
-> mirror pose editor
-> stretchy arm and leg joints (manual and automated)
-> attribute driven pole vector controls

These are the last changes:
-> check the update file for the last changes


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