MultiTool 1.0.1 (maya plugin)

The swiss army knife for Maya.


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Aug 27, 2009 / Oct 31, 2010


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mac, windows




2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


Shrink Wrap, Wireframe, STL, Rename, Fluid Trace, Particle Trace

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MultiRename. Mass renaming made easy. The live preview allows you to check the results prior to applying them.
Toggle Undo Queue. Ever wanted to switch the undo queue on and off like you can do it with the history?
Wireframe Rendering. The one-click mental ray contour shader setup you always wished for.
Approxivizer. Use this shader if you ever wanted to get the object mental ray's approximation creates.
LiveWire. Turns your poly mesh into its actual wireframe representation where edges will be turned into connecting beams between vertices.
Shell. Creates a shell around arbitrary shaped meshes.
ShrinkWrap. A deformer that wraps a polygonal mesh around arbitrary shaped meshes.
Particle Toolbox. Lets you manipulate particles and instances like you could never do before.
STL Exporter. Write STL files (ASCII and binary) directly from Maya. The only exporter for Maya to support colored STL output!
Legacy Maya Exporter. Write Maya ASCII and binary files and make them compatible to previous Maya versions.
Fluid Tracer. NEW!!! Easily created curves to visualize the forces inside a fluid container.
Particle Tracer. NEW!!! Create curves from the movement of your particle system. Supports nParticles as well!

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