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A better Torus for Maya

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Oct 05, 2011 / Jul 28, 2015


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Torus, doughnut, Donut, spiral, megatorus, geometry

If you find the Maya torus to be lacking in basic features, then MegaTorus is for you.  What started out as a basic torus generator - capable of dialing both major and minor sweeps, became the robust MegaTorus.  In plain, it is a variable Torus and Pipe generator, simlar to the basic Torus but with many more features.  Check the images for a breakdown on how to use MegaTorus Pro - all features are consolidated into the channel box.

To run MegaTorus, import the file or drag and drop it into your scene.

I have plans for a UI based megatorus in the future, but for now it's a drag and drop type deal.