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iCollision is an Autodesk Maya 2011 plugin for collision detection within the 3D viewport.


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Jun 09, 2011 / Jun 09, 2011


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packaging, collision detection, virtual surgery, collision framework, drop, align tool

            iCollision is an Autodesk Maya 2011  plugin for collision detection within the 3D viewport.The framework implements an optimal combination of broadphase and narrow phase collision detection techniques native to maya api.It currently packs three features viz  Aligner Tool, Drop utility, and extensibility by mel script.

            Aligner Tool can be used of packaging purpose.When a collision is detected, the tool aligns the mesh being moved to the closest location separated by a distance specified by a tolerance which can be customized by the user. Again the Drop utility simplifies packaging by automating a free fall (in –y direction only) of the selected objects.Drop utility follows a constant tolerance of 0.8mm (if units in cm). Further iCollision implements a collision detection framework in viewport which can be further extended by mel script, so that mel scriptors can customize the tool for their specific use.

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