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Duplicate Objects Along Curves


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Jun 23, 2011 / Mar 16, 2012


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This tool allows you to duplicate objects along a curve.

This tool is similar to many others out there however this one supports the use of multiple curves and multiple objects. This tool also supports the use of animated curves without using the motion path technique, a custom node has been created which allows an item to be parented to a curve.

UPDATE: A ramp attribute has been added allowing you to scaled the duplicated object along the curve. A multiplier and an offset control have been added to the scale ramp to allow greater control over the scale. At the moment the plugin will default to a scale of 1 for all objects, so if your objects have been scaled before the operation its best to freeze the scale attributes.

See the read me for installation and usage.

Script has been tested on windows 7 with Maya 2011, but should work on all versions of Maya that support python.

Please feel free to leave any feedback. 

Note: There is a known issue with undoing and redoing, undoing works fine but when the operation is redone it fails to connect the nodes correctly. 

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