Arx Avari Cinematic





Jan 12, 2009





Passion Republic is glad to present one of our In-house project  "Arx Avari".

It is an Animated Action sequence designed to raise the bar of our skill and
production discipline, we have 13 team mates working on it on and off,it is a fun
and challenging process. We hope you guys will enjoy the clip! Critics and
comments are always welcome. Thanks!


Jan 13, 2009
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Great cinematic.

Jan 14, 2009
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Thanks for the compliment :)

Jan 15, 2009
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wow!, very nice, too often animators lean towards animationg things too slow, which in turn gives everything a irritating floaty feeling, THIS however moves much more the speed things should - congrats

Jan 16, 2009
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man that was amazing. I am just new to Maya and that\'s what i want to end up making!!

Jan 16, 2009
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Just some observations.... The timing at start like camera coming near and focusing on the characters eyes look a bit off, the camera could use a bit of easing in its motions to give it more of a natural feel. The main character could use better skin shading and texturing. The creature could first have its mouth closed than stick out it tongue rather than doing it just when its introduced in the shot. At certain point the weight seems to be a bit off.

Overall this is very cool! Job well done. :)

Jan 18, 2009
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Nice short feature. I love the stone statues. However the hero character could use a little bit more emphasize on the texturing and shading. Looks a bit too CG-ish not like flesh.

But nice work! How long did the team take to complete it?

Jan 19, 2009
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Wow . thanks everyone! for all the input, we will sure look into it and further improve in our next project :) we took about 3 months production time to complete Arx.

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