Noviture releases extensive Maya model catalog for Protein structures





Oct 08, 2009





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Date: Oct 8, 2009 releases extensive Maya model catalog for Protein structures

We are pleased to announce the release of Maya model catalog for over 55,000 Protein structures. We have been frequently requested by artists, animators and scientists for this resource and now we are pleased to share this with everyone. We have three types (Premium, Standard and Basic) of models available for each protein structure. Premium models are $9 each, where as the fully functional Standard and Basic models are free to download.

We would like to invite you to visit our website at and search / browse our catalog, download models, take a peek at the render gallery, watch the demo movie and let us know what you think. We have enjoyed creating this resource and we hope you will savor this as well.

Quick Start Guide

1.      Download and unzip the model sample bundle ( 3 premium models + MEL script)

2.      Start Maya, in main Maya menu go to File>Open>Browse>

3.      Press key f  to center the model in viewport

4.      In viewport panel go to View>Smooth Shade All

5.      In main Maya menu go to Windows>General Editors>Script Editor

6.      In Script Editor menu go to File>Source file>Browse>pdbSceneModify_10.mel  this launches a window with for customizing the model through a user interface.

7.      Change parameters as desired in the customization interface

Few examples settings with their corresponding snapshots are listed below

Examples settings in Space Filling mode

Model :

Examples settings in Ball n Stick mode

Model :

Set Radius of Elements

Carbon 1.25, N 2.0, Oxygen 1.25, P 2.0

Set Radius of Elements

Carbon 0.5, N 0.75, Oxygen 0.75, P 1.5, S 1.0, Bond 1.0

Set Scale: 1.5

Set Scale: 1.0

Set Scale: 1.0

Set Scale: 0.3

Software Rendering

Software Rendering

Hardware Rendering

Hardware Rendering


Oct 08, 2009
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