Maya Unlimited Reduced Price and Maya 2008 Extension 2





Feb 19, 2008





Autodesk Reduces Pricing for Maya Unlimited and Announces Maya 2008
Extension 2

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 19, 2008 Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today
announced reduced pricing for Autodesk Maya Unlimited 3D modeling,
animation, and rendering software - the tool of choice for designers and
artists working in film, television and games. Autodesk also announced
Maya 2008 Extension 2 software, which provides enhanced creative control
over polygon modeling and UV texturing, as well as significant improvements
to the Maya Muscle toolset. Maya was recently inducted into the Game
Developer Front Line Award Hall of Fame for its outstanding contribution to
the game development industry.

"The reduced price of Autodesk Maya Unlimited makes its extensive toolset
more accessible to new users and existing facilities that want to expand
their Maya-based pipelines," said Marc Petit, senior vice president,
Autodesk Media & Entertainment. "More artists can now take advantage of the
software's professional tools and advanced workflows to meet demands for
captivating content created on shorter deadlines and tighter budgets."

Maya Unlimited contains everything offered in Maya Complete software, plus
innovations such as Maya Fluid Effects, Maya nCloth, Maya Hair, Maya Fur,
and Maya Live. Pricing for Autodesk Maya Complete remains unchanged.

The Autodesk suggested retail price of a new license of Maya Unlimited,
Standalone has been reduced from US$6,995* to US$4,995*. The Autodesk
suggested retail price of a new license of Maya Unlimited, Network has been
reduced from US$8,345* to US$6,245*. Maya Complete 2008 customers can now
cross-grade to Maya Unlimited 2008 at the reduced Autodesk suggested retail
price of US $2,995*. All price changes are effective as of Feb. 18, 2008.

Autodesk Maya Extension 2 Software

Autodesk Maya 2008 Extension 2 software is expected to be available for
download to Maya Complete 2008 and Maya Unlimited 2008 Autodesk
Subscription customers with Gold support in March 2008. The Extension 2 is
not sold separately.

Key features and enhancements offered in Autodesk Maya 2008 Extension 2

Superior Modeling Workflow: New selection management features offer
modelers a fast and precise workflow for controlling large amounts of
complex geometry. Also, symmetrical modeling has been enhanced through such
additions as seam preservation functionality.

Faster Texturing through Streamlined UV Workflows: New and enhanced UV
workflow tools provide artists with more control over their texturing,
which enables them to achieve their desired results faster.

Detailed Skin Articulation and Animation: New features and enhanced
workflows for Maya Muscle extend the animator or technical director's
ability to precisely direct muscle and skin behavior. These include a new
smart collisions toolset, support for three new forces, and the ability to
displace skin.

For more information about the features offered in Autodesk Maya 2008
Extension 2, visit

New Autodesk Subscription Offering for Maya Complete

Autodesk is also introducing a new entry-level Autodesk Subscription
offering for Maya Complete software.** This offering will allow Maya
Complete customers to maximize the value of their software investment and
simplify the process of staying current on the latest versions. The
Autodesk suggested retail price of Autodesk Subscription for Maya Complete
is US$595.* Subscription customers have access to up-to-date software,
learning resources, and an extensive online technical knowledgebase. For
more information about the Subscription offering for Maya Complete, visit

* International pricing may vary
** Not available in Japan

About Autodesk

Autodesk, Inc. is the world leader in 2D and 3D design software for the
manufacturing, building and construction, and media and entertainment
markets. Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk has
developed the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art digital prototyping
solutions to help customers experience their ideas before they are real..
Fortune 1000 companies rely on Autodesk for the tools to visualize,
simulate and analyze real-world performance early in the design process to
save time and money, enhance quality and foster innovation. For additional
information about Autodesk, visit


Mar 04, 2008
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Maya 2008 Service Pack 1 is now available for download. You can get it and the release notes here:

The other thing worth checking out if you\'re having problems is this page with our list of qualified hardware and drivers:

Mar 04, 2008
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cmogk, I could easily reel off a list of gripes about Maya 8.5 which is my current version but most software releases have issues that require workarounds and thats OK. Unforgivably though, maya has become prone to crashing without saving a backup file which it never used to do. I havent experienced this level of aggravation since migrating from Max six years ago. Are you concerned that a lot of people seem to have stuck with Maya 7? I think you should be.

Mar 04, 2008
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If you want to upgrade and there are specific things stopping you from being able to do that it\'s good for us to know what they are.

We\'re always looking for feedback that will help us make Maya better and anyone reading this can send me a mail with their thoughts/concerns/wishes at any time.

Mar 04, 2008
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one thing that really irritates me when switching to a new version of maya is that all the old plugins break. I\'m sure there\'s reasons, but man I\'d so much rather have my previous plug-ins work right from the start even if it means they have to go through some sort of slow universal translation code to make them work with the current version of maya

Seriously, this is how it is:
You have maya working great with your custom scripts and plugins, then the new version of maya comes out. You like the new version and want to switch, but you can\'t switch even if you wanted to because you need certain plugins for the projects you do which haven\'t ported over yet.

By the time the plug-ins have been updated by everyone, there\'s already yet another new version (or two) of maya that has come out.

What\'s worse is I have tons of projects from years ago that relied on certain plug-ins that have gradually died off. If a client wants me to update their animation and make a couple minor changes, man is it a pain in my ass.

There\'s often new ways to get similar effects, but it\'s a sucky situation to have to go back and redo that entire effect THAT YOU ALREAY DID because of a lack of plug-in compatibility. It\'s either that or go dig up the exact version of maya it used way back when, load everything it was using, and pray it\'s not a large enough project to warrent having to reconfiguring your renderfarm with the old version and old plugins....

THAT is a MAJOR thing that pisses me off to this day about maya. Why can\'t the plugins work like photoshop plugins and just freaking work regardless of the version of maya???? Some sort of translator needs to be written or something because it\'s a complete hassle and time-drainer

Mar 04, 2008
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i\'ve been afk for a while and when i got back i saw people were busy chatting. read all the posts, grined and sarcastic remarks flooded my mind. i\'ve been trying to keep them on the leash, but apparently i\'m not as strong as i thought. so:
[quote]sentry65 said:
This sort of thing would be a massive big deal in the medical field...
I do medical animation for a hospital/institute.
I don\'t work for autodesk
dude, if you really aren\'t with them, you should be. your posts are corporate lawyer textbook: long, not very informative and contradictory (i\'ll come back to this in a sec). i was going to congratulate you on how you managed to insert the medical issue in a 3d package discussion thread and indicate that you forgot about homeless children and world hunger. but since you actually work in a medical facility i suppose it makes sense. hint for autodesk: homeless children and the world hunger. and the afterlife.
[quote]sentry65 said:
I just said this was a pretty lame release.
comming back to contradicting statements: here you said only good things about the subject. sooo.... i\'m a bit confused. what is your opinion actually? and upon what is it based? \'cause it really doesn\'t look like you\'re speaking from experience...
[quote]sentry65 said:
Maya used to be a revolutionary 3d app. Now it isn\'t...
i\'m with you completely on this one.
[quote]sentry65 said:
Everyone and their mom can model these days after a few quick lessons.
yes, it\'s all clear now how all those crap animation movies such as happy feet and the like were made. i\'m not necessarily reffering to the quality of cg, but by extension everybody and their mom can write scripts and direct after a few quick lessons...
[quote]sentry65 said:
Maya fluids, ncloth, muscles all come from realtime \"game console\" technology.
oh, man... <stealth_kid head shakes his> i challange you to demonststrate with examples how fluids, cloth and muscles come from something which is barely able to draw a few hundred polygons and display max textures of 256x256 pixels. because, you know, at the time when work started on cloth, fluids and muscles those were the capabilities of gaming consoles. get as technical as you like, i will understand it. and if you used quotes for \"gaming consoles\" because you feel it sounds odd, i inform you that the word console can mean many things, it\'s not just the thing you run halo3 on. as for massive, it was developed for weta digital for use in the lotr movies (not at all related with game consoles, in case you were hinting at it) and as far as i know, in the very beginning it was a maya plugin and a bunch of mel scripts. i say this to demonstrate that \"cutting edge\" stuff can be done without autodesk and newer versions of maya, all one ever needs is already available.
[quote]sentry65 said:
But I suspect a day will come when those types of things are so easy to do, doing them the old way with softbodies etc will just be stupid
but i suspect you\'re wrong, however i don\'t have the patience to argue...
[quote]sentry65 said:
I don\'t get why people say maya is a mess.
obviously. oh, and <b>LOL</b>, dude, after all you said about working with maya since version 1.0, you ask for stuff that is already doable. basically, if i got it right, you want more buttons and/or menu items for functionality already available. damn, man, use your brain. it might hurt a bit when you try it for the very first time, but after that you\'ll get to like the feeling more and more with each time you do it. i\'m saying this for your benefit, learn maya properly, don\'t limit yourself to what\'s in the menus and you\'ll be amazed how many things you can do with it.
[quote]Joojaa said:
Naah, its just a bit of flame.
well, apparently that bit of flame was hot enough to get an autodesk representative to take word in this thread. i\'ve been reading posts and articles here on highend3d for... five years or so, i\'m not exacly sure, and i wasn\'t really paying attention, i admit, but i don\'t remember someone like that (either from autodesk or alias) to ever take such action. i guess the situation is really grim for them, ain\'t it?
[quote]cmogk said:
hi, man. things really started to go downhill, right? well, what can i say, if you\'re looking for the guilty, you (the alias/autodesk team) need only look into the mirror. i abandoned maya because of autodesk, i said it before, and as long as it has the tinyest connection with autodesk i am not switching back, i am perfectly happy with the autodesk-free environment i work in now. a little hint for you: maya 2008 is the equivalent of windows vista. not because it\'s a bloated, unstable software (oh, wait.... he he he), but because it\'s really not necessary. all you people do is add more and more useless stuff with each version. and you make new buttons for old stuff. x-ray joints? get out of here, man. marking menu to toggle \"keep faces together\"? you made quite a big deal about it. well, i wrote my own script in 15 minutes, it has more options than yours and it\'s here in the modeling section, look it up if you don\'t believe me. the smooth preview for polys? my workflow didn\'t require that, but if needed i could have scripted that too, it\'s really not that difficult. i won\'t mention the other things, for a full list see my posts here . everything is well documented, you\'ll see. you (autodesk) treated me like i\'m a cretin and i really disliked that. apparently, others felt the same way and you see the results today. to quote someone (i don\'t remember the name, sorry) if we, the users, would have needed a new way to make a cube, we would have gotten around it ourselves.

Mar 05, 2008
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eh, what more can i say? so:
1. you did not use maya 2008 then and you had a good opinion about it, now you still don\'t use maya 2008 and you have a bad opinion about it. got it, cristal clear.
2. you say \"my point must\'ve gone over your head?\". aye, it has. i wonder why...
3. about the console thing: aaaa, 3d apps run on computers, games run on consoles. computers use transistors and capacitors, so do consoles. therefore, dynamic simulations and console software are related. and both run on hadware which needs to be plugged into a wall socket in order to work, fact that only reenforced the link between the two. got it, cristal clear.
4. \"you think in 20 years the majority of people will still be control particle physics engines the same way we do today with scripting and expressions?\" not at all. i think people will twist their tongues, squint their eyes, relax their liver and the particles will align just as people wanted. all of that, of course, if they will use computers radically different from what we are using. if not, then yes, they will do it with scripts and expressions.
5. \"I don\'t know everything about maya - who does?\" probably no one. but i think you really want to know as little as possible, therefore everything should be already prepared by someone else. in this case, you and autodesk are really made for each other. mazel tov!
6. for that particle thing you need... i don\'t know exactly what you want to do, but maybe you can do it with fields and springs. using these in the right way may make them behave like a cluster. i think. if you really can\'t find a solution, tell me exactly what you need and maybe i\'ll find a way. i\'ll do it out of the kindness of my heart, so that you\'ll see that i\'m not a bad guy, and also to see if i can beat autodesk to it.
7. \"not everyone wants to do things the slow hard way\". it\'s not hard and it\'s not slow. it is however difficult, because it requires knowledge that few are willing to spend time aquiring.
8. i\'m not crapping on maya, i\'m doing it on autodesk. because of all it stands for. because it made me give up on something i really liked.

say whatever you want, but in the end this, the whole situation with autodesk and maya and the users, doesn\'t work. many many people, from what i understand, use older versions or switch to another app. like jojaa said, no amount of add-ons will change that.

Mar 05, 2008
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maybe you can have your b*tch session via private messages guys. Making a complaint and backing it up in the right fashion might result in people taking them seriously. I have put a few things together on what I find as bugs, sent off some messages containing the ones I know about right now in between production. I\'ll try to gather more as I have time but leave the squabbling behind the scenes....this is why nothing ever gets done.

Mar 06, 2008
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[quote]stealth_kid said:
hmm... now that autodesk lost quite a lot of money, buying all they could get their hands on (including the rocky mountains and a few of saturn\'s rings), lowering the price on maya unlimited seems to be among the final desperate measures. look, i\'ll translate:
someone really unimportant from autodesk said: \"<i><b>The reduced price of Autodesk Maya Unlimited makes its extensive toolset more accessible to new users...</b></i>\"
it actually means: \"<i><b>oh please, buy something from us, something.... anything..... pleahehehease... we\'re cool, we swears...</b></i>\"
that\'s why i said the end is nigh. the next thing autodesk will probably do is pawn the furniture.[/quote]

That\'s the dumbest thing I\'ve read on H3D so far. Autodesk sent out surveys to PAYING customers who are on maintenence. The survey asked specificially about pricing. In fact, it was around 30 questions asking about different price points for both Complete and Unlimited.

So before you run off at the mouth, at least have some facts to quantify your argument.

Mar 06, 2008
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[quote]stealth_kid said:say whatever you want, but in the end this, the whole situation with autodesk and maya and the users, doesn\'t work. many many people, from what i understand, use older versions or switch to another app. like jojaa said, no amount of add-ons will change that.[/quote]

Again.. quantify your statements, kid. Have you asked a sizeable amount of Autodesk consumers... Max consumers... Maya consumers? How can you come up with such a complete final answer when you don\'t know anything? A couple dudes in a thread does not equal the whole consumer base. Oh I know the answer. You\'re a troll. You hate Autodesk so why not bash them in a thread regarding a new SP which some may actually find useful. I\'m a firm believer that the people that don\'t know how to use the software are the ones that bitch and moan about each update. Do you know how to use at least 10% of the functionality currently in any one single application? (deducting percentages for standard file IO operations, although, you don\'t seem bright enough to know what those are).

Mar 06, 2008
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stealth_kid, are you a professional that makes your living doing 3D work with a steady job or are you still in school jumping around from package to package? Do you do freelance work? It sounds like you can afford to jump from one 3D app to another and spend your free time learning it.

I\'m stuck with maya at my job whether I like it or not. If I went up to my supervisor and said it\'s time we switched to XSI or Houdini, well let\'s just say the notion would be absurd given how many years of projects and work we\'ve built with maya.

Besides, I also really like maya. Whichever company owns Maya makes no difference to me as long as maya keeps getting useful features - which IMO it has been.

I got a chance to sit down with maya 2008 a couple days ago and I gotta say I really like it better than any other version of maya to date. It\'s quite a bit snappier when I tried doing the same things with 8.5. A lot of operations were about 3x as fast as they were in 8.5

It\'s not worth my time to jump ship and start over with a new program whether I like Autodesk or not. I could spend a month learning Houdini and getting up to speed with it, but how is Houdini going to make up for that lost time and save me a month\'s worth of work over just using maya? In the real world I gotta work and earn money, not fiddle around with new programs the instant something \"better\" comes out.

I\'d rather spend time with my wife than sitting in front of a computer noodling around trying to learn how to do something I already know how to do in Maya

IMO at the end of the day, the priority is animation and art. Not the software you use or the company that owns it

Mar 07, 2008
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Not exactly sure which version this happend but I suspect it\'s Maya 2008 v 1.0

- The FBX translator between Maya and MAX 9 finally works for importing baked cameras and still cameras! No more odd film offset maths etc.
- Running Maya 2008 v 1.0 on XP 64bit and it\'s as stable as Maya 7 was.
- Nucleas has proven to be very helpful for tricky shots and also very stable.
- Only thing I dispise from Autodesk standpoint really is the website :( I have to try to get into my support area with Mozilla multple times and it\'s always voo doo experience.

Yeah there are some negatives like UI changes etc. but all in all Maya 2008 is a great app and personally think it\'s recieved the same attention to upgrades and updates as it would have under Alias KKR etc.

Mar 07, 2008
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Well now i can migrate to maya 2008 as they fixed the one tool that was show stopper number one for me. But it seems to me its always the service pack 1 thts needed before i can get everything working. But never was the error such a show stopper for me before. But yes it happens maybe i was too relient on this. Most fo the new features are welcome but mostly the threading.

This is not a new autodesk feature tough, its allways been like this.

PS: maya is quite picky on hardware, if the hardware used to run maya is a bit off maya immediately becomes very unstable. I can literary verify that on some computers you can use a mallet on maya and its hard to get it to crash while on others it just crashes by a breath of air.

[quote]if we, the users, would have needed a new way to make a cube, we would have gotten around it ourselves.[/quote]

Well I must admit that would have been me, its not so much about not adding stuff like this than rather leveraging on the community to make the simple stuff. And let them deal on just the core. Not maybe so sexy for the sales people or a sexy release list but really not a new feature. You could do this before.

Overall i was very happy with 8.5 sp 1 and now that the way is pawed for 2008 i suppose itll be quite good. Its just that a single piece of broken functionality can stop my entire work flow.

Anyway is ive shown over and over again theres LOT to maya and quite often whan something is seemingly missing you can already do it in maya. But even i cant circumvent flaws that are in the core.

Maybe auto desk could make some kind of coupe system to reward people for making certain stuff for them.

Mar 10, 2008
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the autodesk guys must be out of their mind. It\'s ridiculous, the newest maya2008 mac version can even not show the nurbs component( nurbs points ) properly. Just had a try with maya2008 and newest extention2 , both of these two versions can not show nurbs points. how can i supposed to edit the shape in nurbs components mode ?

Mar 22, 2008
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ok I\'ve finally found a couple flaws that have actually annoyed me in 8.5sp1

the 32 bit version doesn\'t seem to generate volume noise 3d textures correctly. It works fine in the 64 bit version though. However, the 32 bit versions of 8.5 are running on a windows 2000 machine which 8.5 officially doesn\'t support so maybe that\'s the cause

the other bug is the 64 bit of 8.5sp1 on xp64 does not display \"number V\" correctly in the attribute spreadsheet for NURBS objects in the tessellation tab:( So you can\'t use the spread sheet to change that parameter and have to do it one by one in the normal attribute editor

I have confirmed that this is fixed in 2008sp1, but 2008 won\'t even work at all for windows 2000 machines even for rendering. I\'ll have to either switch them to XP or only feed them 8.5 files that don\'t involve volume noise 3d textures. Probably not worth upgrading to XP and should just spend that money on new render nodes

so far from the time I\'ve spent with maya 2008 64bit, it\'s been almost flawless in terms of being better in every way than 8.5. My only complaint is that booleans often seem to randomly delete patches of good clean polygons that are far away from the actual area being cut.

Mar 23, 2008
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hm... awful things, power losses. ups kicks in, voltage spikes happen during the transient event and servers go crazy: posts get magically deleted. <b>certain</b> posts. well, they were a bit off topic, i admit, but in the last one i was responding to insults from other \"users\". not quite so in the one before that, i\'m not very sure why it got canceled.

Apr 15, 2008
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I think Autodesk makes money by introducing non-stabile versions of Maya, for example, maya 2008 works incorrect with UV sets and layered textures. It will be better if they test all new versions of maya clearly before introducing it.

May 05, 2008
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Nodirbek3d, i suspect you\'re right. autodesk has absolutely no interest in making one complete, stable, usefull product. it\'s way more convenient for them to release lots of buggy versions. it\'s a marketing trick designed to sell the same product over and over again.

hurricanz, i was thinking for a while if it\'s worth the time to answer again to your... hmm... statements. after all, it might disappear again. accidents happen, you know. but what the heck. about the price of maya: no matter how crappy a product is, people will always prefer to pay less for it, if possible. the autodesk survey means absolutely nothing, regarding this issue. if their intention was to make maya more accesible (cost wise), they would have done so without it. i still maintain what i said: lowering the cost is a more or less desperate move towards making people buy their product. if you don\'t believe me, ask someone with a commerce degree (or something like that) to tell you how this kind of things work.
about your other post: i did not based my statement on the comments posted in this thread, or other threads for that matter. i talked with people i know who do 3d. i looked arround at examples, tutorials, people demonstrating their skill etc and i noticed many (not a few, dude, many) were using 7.0 or 8.5 quite some time after the release of 2k8. i also know a few who switched to another app. you really want a number? well then, <i>N</i>, where <i>N</i> &gt; 0. i am convinced that number will increase. while autodesk keeps releasing service packs and patches and new buttons and new menu items, others are working on actually improving and extending their own products. maya is no longer the only option. in my opinion, 3dmax was never an option, xsi... yes, maybe, houdiny... definitely. autodesk bought mudbox and i consider that to be a mistake, but whatever, it\'s done. i doubt it will be fused with maya or 3dmax because it\'s more convenient to sell 2 products than 1 alone. but you never know, it might be a thing for a future version when the ideeas for new buttons with old functionality will run dry. at that time, i will still use zbrush, because i think it\'s a wonderfull product and it does its job beautifully. pixologic is a company i truly wish to support.
you also called me a troll. i know your intention was to insult me (by the way, right back at you), but i honestly take it as a compliment. whatever shows that i strongly oppose autodesk (or others like it) and their dirty tactics, i take it. if the tag \"troll\" shows that i have a mind of my own, that i\'m capable of making my own decisions and finding solution for problems with limited resources, without some big company laying everything on a plate for me, then i gladly accept it. some other dude called me \"cretin\". i guess where he lives refusing to play the games of big companies is a sign of mental problems. in this case, i gladly accept the tag \"cretin\". you yourself called me \"not bright enough\". you were right, i do not know 10% of maya, i know close to 90%. i say it again and will keep saying it over and over if deleted: challenge me, you choose the time, the place and the topic. i wrote a script to prove sentry65 that i dont need autodesk in 15-20 minutes, yet i\'m not bright enough. i argumented all of my claims extensively, saying exactly why i think the way i think. all of the others kept saying \"maya 2008 is good because i say it\'s good\", yet i\'m not bright enough. i have two degrees in computer science, 10+ years of practical experience in the field, i speak four languages other than my native tongue (more or less fluently), as far as maya goes i write my own tools, and yet i\'m not bright enough. well, what can i say, compared to me, i suppose you are a magnificent specimen, the whole solar system must be proud of your accomplishments.

ps: in one of my comments on the release of maya 2008 i said that the new navigation compass is total crap. well, what do you know? i saw a script which mimics the old, excellent navigation gizmo, which means that others feel kind of like me. better yet, there are lots of people who downloaded that script. mister autodesk representative, did you notice that?

Dec 18, 2008
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Sentry65 wrote:
\"there\'s no reason 3d software should cost as much as it does these days with how commonplace 3d apps are. Why should a 3d app cost more than say photoshop??? 3D apps are no longer the cutting edge and rarity they once were\"

I agree. In the music world, software like Sonar and Cubase are considered to be the standard and you can get both for less than a grand. I guess pro tools is the exception (although they do offer a lighter weight LE version) and steinberg (the makers of cubase) have a product called Nuendo that costs a couple grand. However, if you\'re into audio at least you can get professional software without breaking the bank. You can get a high quality sampler like Kontakt, which got almost perfect reviews by several audio magazines, for $400. I don\'t know why visual software has to be any different.

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