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Breaks objects into chunks


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Jan 24, 2010 / Sep 03, 2016


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linux, mac, windows


2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017


fracture, modeling, Boolean, Shatter, voronoi, Dynamics

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Date Priority Title Status
05/18/10 High Crashes on maya 2009 OSX when I preview Spline Cut Closed
05/26/10 Low Plane Fracture problem Closed
05/26/10 Low Unreliable boolean fracture Pending
08/06/10 High Explode problem... Closed
11/08/10 Medium Crashes in Maya 2008 when the wrong option is selected when using chipoff Pending
11/10/10 High Random crashes when using "Chip Off" tool on "detached chunk" objects. Active
12/14/11 High Meshes disappear on boolean functions Pending
12/14/11 Low Using the plugin causes Insert edge loop tool not to work Pending
03/28/12 High doesn't display switch place. Pending

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