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This is a tool that will set up a customizable rig for a bipedal character

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Dec 20, 2009 / Jul 25, 2015


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Date Priority Title Status
05/09/10 High urgent. . . Closed
05/13/10 High A little problem! Closed
06/01/10 Low it is a bug. fix Plz~ Closed
06/07/10 Low Foot Heel Ball Closed
06/08/10 Low Reversed Object Translates Closed
06/15/10 Medium Stretch problem with Dual Quaternion skin method Pending
06/18/10 High Unable to RIG Closed
06/29/10 High advanced Rig problem Closed
07/03/10 Low Thumb controllers remain in DNS_JointsLayer Closed
07/07/10 Low Knee Flipping Closed
09/18/10 Low Wrist Control Scaling Cycle Pending
09/19/10 Low Version Mismatch Closed
10/14/10 Medium problem with right to left and left to right Closed
01/08/11 Low Switch IK FK Closed
02/18/11 Medium Inconsistent Results Closed
03/12/11 Medium Spine error Pending
05/16/11 Medium erroneous bindPose1 created Closed
07/22/11 High Single Hierarchy and Cycle Warnings Pending
07/25/11 Medium flipping forearm ... Closed
09/25/12 Low Forearm twist Closed
01/30/12 Medium Confused Active
02/06/12 Low single hierarchy skeleton ... Closed
04/13/12 Medium eyes' joints moving Closed
12/05/12 High rElbowCurveJ flips when rElbowIKC is moved. Closed
12/11/12 Low Cannot load the RapidRig_Anim_V2 Closed
01/14/13 High installation problem Closed
02/18/13 High feet rotation Closed
04/10/13 High Syntax error Active
09/18/13 High single hierarchy with toon arm Closed
09/18/13 High single hierarchy with toon arm Closed
05/10/14 High Limb weights shift when stretched Pending
07/08/14 High RRA - maya 2015 scale problem Closed
06/16/14 Low forearm autovolume Closed
07/16/14 Low Cannot Delete Nodes Closed
10/27/14 Low Clavicle Curve Handle is not symmetrical. Pending
03/05/15 Low Bug with Proxy Rig Creation and Load Pending
11/15/14 High Reverse Foot + Fist fingers ? Pending
01/24/15 Medium Display glitch or actual Rig problem? Pending
03/06/15 Low Big Toe with only 4 joints? Pending
09/17/15 High Joints Move Without the CTLs in the Spine Closed

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