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This is a tool that will set up a customizable rig for a bipedal character

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Dec 20, 2009 / Jul 25, 2015


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Apr 23, 2010
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This is hands down the best auto rigging script I have ever used. Trust me, over the last month I have been downloading and trying ever free rigging script out there and although many of them were good, they all were lacking something different.

I then came across Dustin's rig and watched the youtube video of it. From the video it seemed like it did everything I was looking for. With the way the economy is, I was very hesitant to fork over the $35 since I was afraid it might not be what I was looking for. Well I bit the bullet and purchased it. All I can say now is that I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Not only is the script itself amazing and super easy to use, the creator Dustin, is such a friendly and informative person. He is a rare breed who actually cares about consumer satisfaction. He will quickly answer any questions you have about the rig, take requests/ideas for future updates, and he will even personally notify you of any new updates.

Back to the script though. Things I love about it.

1. Dustin has given you the option to automatically create a Rapid Mesh which slightly resembles the Hogan Rig and can been seen in the youtube video. So basically you can make an animatable rig in literally 20 seconds.

2. When you are ready to rig your own character, the script uses a dummy rig so all you have to is move the dummy joints around to fit your character. Yep, no having to make your own joints or any of that nonsense. Yes, there are other scripts out there that use the dummy rig system but with this one, I feel that it is much more customizable since you can rotate the arms and such which allows you to model your character in either the classic "T" pose, "A" frame or anything in between. Other scripts that I have used which utilize the dummy rig system, usually lock you into having to model your character in either one of the poses. Well, not everyone likes to model the same, ya know.

3. Bendy Bendy Bendy. Yes, finally a script with bendy controls galore! Not only does it have the auto curved elbow and knee, you can opt to have an extra 9 bendy controls for the arms and legs! Now you can get that "Horton Hears a Who" animation style.

4. Ik fk matching! Yep, and best of all, its part of the rig and its an attribute in the channel box. No need to source a script or make a button on your shelf.

5. This was a big one for me. The HIPS! On other rigs, I hate, absolutely hate when you move the hips around and the chest counter rotates. On this Rig, IT DOESN'T DO IT! Thank you!

6. Both an Ik and Fk back that can be used together very well.

7. Seperate Toe Roll. Its a minor thing, but it makes doing a walk cycle so much easier being able to roll the foot up onto the toe all while keeping the actual foot control ZEROED out. No more having to translate and rotate the actual foot control when moving the foot from the contact pose to the passing pose.

8. Squash and Stretch. The torso squashes and stretches beautifully and you can have free reign with head. The head is not limited to a channel control squash and stretch, you can just use the scale tool and go crazy.

9. Jaw and eyes setup. Nice little extra feature.

Now for the things I don't like about it.


Basically if you are strictly an animator and hate any kind of Technical stuff and want something very simple to use that's gonna get you animating as soon as possible, then "Rapid Rig: Advanced" is for you.

The $35 is well worth it!

Apr 29, 2010
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I haven't rigged a character in Maya for quite some time so this script is a godsend. I highly recommend it! It's fast - well thought out and will save you a ton of time. Features I'd like to see implemented would be more high level hand controls so that you can get nice curvature of the palms - also if you could double click the base of a finger to select all the controls for that finger that would be very helpful- possible the addition of a heel joint to help with skinning.
That aside it's a wonderful tool - and very fast both in setup and interaction. The ability to copy your bone position from one side to the other is very solid and quick. Great value too!

May 09, 2010
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i 've bought this auto rig a few weeks ago, after i tried another free rig from this site and nothing works fine. . IMHO
i'm doing my animation project now and don't know how to make good rig,
at the first time when i tried this rig for a small test i thought it was fine,
right now i'm sitting in front of my computer facing some problems with maya 2008, and this auto rig
the bend for elbow(curve things) doesn't work from the previous version (1.02) and on the latest version has the same problem, i really disappointed on this part
when i curved the arm, the elbow rig moved a little bit, but the rig didn't grab the skin ( i already did smooth skin) so it just moving without meaning
and also the optional geometry for animation that being provided from this auto rig wont appear correctly, i don't know why, when i saw on the preview video on the description page, everything seemed okay. . . no problem from the beginning to the end
but not okay in my maya 2008 and my character. . .
o_0 i dont know whether mine is broken or the rig has some bugs -_-
but i like this rig though,
it shortened my works for rigging my character ,
well i hope dustin nelson will update, and fix the bug soon
improvement on finger handling will highly appreciated


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Aug 07, 2010
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I am so glad to have found this scripted Rig.

The Rig is excellent. It has good number of different functionalities and is a breeze to set up! For a quick setup in a standard biped character it is perfect. Clean and robust. It is well worth the money and more!
Plus Dustin is a very nice guy and is always developing updates, fixing minor bugs and he listens to the clients needs!
If you are looking for an autorig that can offer functionality superfast... Look no further! This is it.


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Apr 12, 2011
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Creative Crash wasn't accepting payments due to some bug, however, I mailed them and they responded immediatley and fixed the problem.

I bought Rapid Rig and I am really impressed with what it can do and how fast it can do it.

After you've gone through it once, you'll be rigging in minutes, literally.

the rigs are superfast and scrub no problem.

This script also generates some useful facial controls.


- j

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Oct 16, 2010
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I usually set up my own rigs but this script is awesome easy to use and speeds up my workflow a good bit. A very modest price for the advantages.

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Oct 24, 2010
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If your looking for a biped rigging script there is no need to look any further, this is an awesome rigging script. Dustin is always updating fixes and adding new features that his costumers requested. The script is so easy to setup and rig with. It comes with an optional low rez geometry that is inspired by the "The Iron Giant". But if your like me and want to use your own model get familiar with the Component Editor, it will speed up your weight painting process. A good thing is that you don't have to deal with painting a bunch of influences from joints that you don't see. If you don't like the colors of the controls then change them to your liking, it's not hard look for a script called "Color Nodes".
"Rapid Rig: Advanced" is very animator friendly and especially if your a student on a budget, the price is just right. What I really like is the spine FK/IK mix, you pretty much have total control. There is no need to switch from FK to IK spine it's combined so you'll never lose a pose if you need to tweak it with the IK control. The hip control rotation does not automatically rotate the upper body controls which is a big plus. The arms and legs have crazy amount of optional Toon controls. You can pretty much imitate cartoons from the early 1900's with their spaghetti arms and legs if you like. So what’s missing? If i had to be extremely picky the fingers and toes don't have IK option, but at the rate Dustin is updating his script I’m sure sooner or later.

Dec 07, 2010
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Dear Dustin!

You made my life 10 years longer!!! I'm very happy with the script: It's perfect! Thank you very very much!

Sep 27, 2011
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Wow, your script is a marvel. However, it does not work at all in Linux Maya 2009 SP1 unlimited. There is always errors in line 24372.57 somewhere around those lines. The UI did pop up, but that is it, I click this and that and nothing happens.

It works well in Linux Maya 2012 sp1. I hope you can give me help on this. Here, we use Linux Maya 2009 for all the works, and Maya 2012 is for now in the middle of our decision whether to upgrade or not because of its too much hardware consumption.



Feb 28, 2012
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Great script! I've tried Advanced Skeleton, AB AutoRig, and the Setup Machine. And Advanced Rapid Rig is the best. I just rigged my model and now I'm animating.

May 11, 2012
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The best rigging tool around. Animator friendly, stable and now part of our pipeline.

Deserves 10 stars! Well, done.

May 11, 2012
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Very quick to respond to any technical issues. Very nice tool with great service.

Dec 13, 2012
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Just bought one... and so far we love it...Just add in some facial rig yourself and you have a production quality rig!!!
Dustin Rocks... Thanks bro...

Jan 25, 2014
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I purchased this and i have to say its absolutely amazing, as an animator i never really got into rigging and i found this fairly easy to follow, only issue really was the lack of some facial bones but its perfect for rigging your bi peds.

Feb 17, 2014
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Mine Blowing biped autorig. Highly recommended! Cannot believe ive not used this before. It has literally everything but facial! 5 star!

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Apr 19, 2014
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A little history about RRA:

After having a request to model and rigg 8 characters with some advanced features and with some urgency, i decided to buy this tool (an idea that crossed my mind before but i never really need it like in this opportunity).
Maybe one of my best decisions ever.

The client got exactly what he wanted but just before and better than expected. And i'm sure this is only the beginning. I'm a modeler mostly with some rigging bg, but thanks to RRA now i can expand my bussiness with confidence.

Thanks a lot Dustin, i think i will go with your modular tool soon.


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Jun 27, 2014
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I bought this a long time ago, before that I was using the free version.

After all this time I gotta say, thanks for supporting this AMAZING script for this long :D

Oct 06, 2014
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I am new to the 3D world, so for my senior thesis I decided not to risk spending the whole year trying to make my own rig and bought RRA.

Once I had gotten it installed I had a ton of technical difficulties since my lack of experience laid out the groundwork for everything to go wrong.

Out of desperation I emailed Dustin and he was incredibly helpful in helping me figure out everything I was doing wrong, plus some extra pointers to avoid future issues, as well as a script to work around some extra issues.

I was able to get on with my thesis with an amazing rig that allows you to make very unique and detailed animation, unlike free rigs that are very basic and robot like no matter how creative you get.

If I could give 6 stars, I would.

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