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humanoid rig for animation


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Mar 13, 2008 / Oct 30, 2010


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2009, 9.x


human, dummy, maya, character, male, Rig

Main feature of this rig is minimum controls to operate along with maximum functionality for basic acting.

All controls are nurbs curves which lets animator to change their shapes through component mode with no damage to rig.
"attach to" attribute for hands and legs makes them follow the torso in case you need to animate jump with salto, roll, falling or any other this kind of movements (but I'd recomment to use the parentMaster script instead).

update on 1.0.4:

  • Foot rolls
  • Pelvis control
  • Head IK/FK neck follow
  • New fancy mesh coloring :)

update on 1.0.3:
  • Mesh, skeleton and skinning revision.
  • Stretchy legs, arms & spine.
  • Palm, head, foot & fingers ability to scale.


dummyMan turntable (red cloak was added to make pose more spectacular and NOT included in rig file)

please, note:
this rig has NO seamless (without snap) IK/FK controls and NO face controls!

If you need DummyMan goes in T-pose - just set all attributes of it's character set to "0"
If you prefer hard edged version of DummyMan  - select mesh (in outliner window) and apply Normals -> Harden Edge

Here's some videos with this rig done by various animators (thanks for using DummyMan, pals!):


Many thanks to all who bought DummyMan!
Hope this character help someone to get a bit closer to a dream to be an animator.

Please, leave your feedback, rate, comments or feature request.

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